Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Doing Lunch With The Almighty

I was once told by my Grandfather, a Cherokee spiritual leader, that the beginning of developing spirituality and understanding of the spirit world and the Spirit of God is in basic gratitude and learning how to pray and with these things in mind, developing the proper relationship with what we eat- with our food. Perhaps the root connection for modern man is in fact for him to redevelop a proper relationship with his food. When we consider where our food came from, the sacrificed life that made it possible, the processes by which it was brought to us and the manner in which we consume it, all with a sense of gratitude and conscience and spirituality we will be closer to finding the right way to live.
This concept seems to be essential in discovering that equilibrium between physical reality and spiritual practice, between belief and experience. I can look around and see where the lack of this concept in the world has been devastating to our collective health and mental well being. This kind of self control, affirmation, gratitude and reverence regarding our food- that which sustains us is the key to spiritual empowerment, enlightenment and right relationship with the whole of Creation and the Spirit of God. Its really that simple.

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