Sunday, February 04, 2007

Michael Ware Interview on AC360 Videos

This is the stunning show I referenced a few posts back >here

I am not attempting to stoke up worry or fear with this- or engage in political finger pointing,blame and endless debate.
As Christians we are supposed to be secure in our assurances about God's promises and the knowledge that even in death we are in His hands. My message is simple; Pray for peace, pray for everyone from the innocent bystanders, our military, our government and the Iraqi government, the future for our children and grandchildren and even our enemies. Pray that the influence of evil is broken in our culture and theirs.

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Starrider said...
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Starrider said...

This is a very sobering program about the situation on the ground in Iraq featuring Michael Ware whom I have written about elsewhere in this blog. I noted weeks ago that this man's assessments of the situation in Iraq had been nearly 100 % on the money. Much of what he was saying in last night's program is uncannily now being mirrored in the newest National Intelligence Estimate out of Washington D.C.

Finally, there seem to be voices of reason in Washington that are not on the "kill the messenger" plan- blaming and accusing the media for the emboldening of the enemy, undercutting the president, undermining the troops and disenchanting the American public on the war by reporting some of the truth. Isn't it ironic that now the new Secretary of Defense and many other "experts" are coming out and validating what many in the media have been saying to some degree all along.
Unfortunately it appears too late to avoid bloody catastrophe. The situation is actually far, far worse than what we have been getting in watered down and sanitized news coverage
I encourage you to re-examine your beliefs, re- confirm your faith in God and re- evaluate your spiritual life. PRAY FOR PEACE. Pray for our troops, pray for the innocent, pray for the guilty, pray for our government, the Iraqi government, the future for our next generations, for our enemies. Pray that and end to the horror and bloodshed comes quickly. Do not fear...simply pray.