Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Barack Obama's Brother

This story is unfortunate.

The political partisans will use this man & his condition as a tool to hurt his brother. However, Obama is not without culpability in the matter either. He should know that this young man will be spiritually flogged as an advertisement, and yet he has not sought to give his brother any means of defense.

Truth is not fact.
The fact may very well be, that Barack Obama has no interest in his brother's condition. We can't know this, but we do presume. But, this is certainly not unique. Most people, myself included, tend toward self-interested blindness. But, the truth is, that "breaking the story" doesn't help the young man any more than the wealthy brother's ignoring of his destitute condition.

It was financially useful and exploitively fun to drag the young man through the world with a placard stuck to his back that reads "Barack Obama's Brother"
I read this story and I felt far greater respect for George Hussein Onyango Obama than I do for the democrat nominee for US president or the many others who see him as a means to an end.

Just maybe, this young man's continuing penurious condition could have been cited to Dr. Rick Warrens question:
"What is your greatest moral failure?"
Or maybe not..., after all who am I to judge?

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Scott Starr said...

Well said. I agree on all counts.