Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sarah Palin Refuses To Answer Whether Or Not Abortion Clinic Bombers Are Terrorists

In her interview with NBC’s Brian Williams, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said that Bill Ayers is “no question” a terrorist because he sought to destroy the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon. Palin, however, refused to apply the same label to abortion clinic bombers:

Q: Is an abortion clinic bomber a terrorist, under this definition, governor?
PALIN: (Sigh). There’s no question that Bill Ayers via his own admittance was one who sought to destroy our U.S. Capitol and our Pentagon. That is a domestic terrorist. There’s no question there. Now, others who would want to engage in harming innocent Americans or facilities that uh, it would be unacceptable. I don’t know if you’re going to use the word terrorist there.

The FBI and other government security institutions may differ with Ms. Palin on this one. It is just about intellectually impossible to back a candidate with this kind of logic problems... at least for me. -SS

Abortion clinic bombers not terrorists? WASHINGTON (AFP) — Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who has accused Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama of "palling around with terrorists," has refused to call people who bomb abortion clinics by the same name.When asked Thursday night by NBC television presenter Brian Williams whether an abortion clinic bomber was a terrorist, Palin heaved a sigh and, at first, circumvented the question.
"There's no question that Bill Ayers by his own admittance was one who sought to destroy our US Capitol and our Pentagon. That is a domestic terrorist," Palin said, referring to a 1960s leftist who founded a radical violent gang dubbed the "Weathermen" -- and who years later supported Obama's first run for public office in the state of Illinois.
"Now, others who would want to engage in harming innocent Americans or facilities that it would be unacceptable to... I don't know if you're gonna use the word 'terrorist' there," the ardently pro-life running mate of John McCain said.
Early this month, after the New York Times ran an article highlighting the ties between Obama and Ayers, Palin told a campaign rally in Colorado that Obama "sees America it seems as being so imperfect that he's palling around with terrorists who would target their own country."
Attacks on doctors who practice abortion and on family planning clinics in the United States in the 1980s and 1990s left several people dead and scores wounded.
Eric Rudolph, the extreme right winger who planted a bomb at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, which killed one person, was sentenced three years ago to two life terms in jail for an abortion clinic bombing in Alabama in which a policeman was killed.

I am wondering what is so difficult about the question. How could a person not just say, "Of course they are, anytime a person or political interest group resorts to planting bombs to inflict violence and/or damage and intimidation to promote any political agenda they are essentially operating with the same philosophy of jihadists like Osama bin Laden."

I can tell you why she didn't say that. Its because she is not morally grounded or intelligent enough to figure that out.

When she didn't say something like that she implied as much- that she was either ignorant and/or morally stunted or that she condoned the practice. It was she that put those words in her own mouth as implied by her lack of willingness to state what should be obvious. It is my personal belief that she probably thinks of abortion clinic bombers as noble warriors of God or at least that she has some kind of sympathy for such TERRORIST acts. Then again I suppose such a definition would raise several valid questions about American foreign and domestic policy...
like what makes an atomic bomb moral and a carbomb immoral?

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