Saturday, November 18, 2006

Democrats and the War In Iraq

I have been doing some in depth reading and monitoring of the news. A thought came to me this morning as the news coverage was discussing the varying positions of the Democrats regarding the war. Mostly the "leftist" news was detracting from the Democrats by the way. While absorbing this- I realized why myself and probably most of America voted for the Democrats this time around. I think it is precisely because they are open to the debate over Iraq. It is because they are willing to at least discuss the options on getting our people out of there sooner than later...instead of just asserting that we are in fact winning and demonizing anyone that calls into question the present "strategy". So the so called "leftist" media can hack on them all they want for not having a unified least there is now an open dialog on the issue. That is what the 70 something percent of us "unpatriotic" masses want. The Republicans blew it on that score. The gig is up on all that newsspeak (see Orwell) they were spewing about anybody that questioned them.

Now let us pray that our leadership can work out something viable on the issue.

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