Friday, November 10, 2006

Robert Gates- Neo-Con or Paleo-Neo-con?


It'll be interesting to see what happens next. I am willing to give the man a chance but...He is out of the same crop as the last guy. I got of the boat with the neo-cons and the Republicans back during Iran-Contra scandal and the ill advised things the U.S. did during the Iran-Iraq give chem weapons to Saddam (even after he gassed the Kurds) and train and arm the Mujahadeen who would of course turn on us and become the impetus for today's war on terror. Gates was involved in all of it. That's why he's up for the job now. That's quite a resume'.

video link:

See this link for a rundown on Gates' ties to Iran Contra:

More gates files:

Examine this link to review the sordid history of Contra atrocities.


Starrider said...
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Starrider said...

Arming Iran...and Iraq too?....And they call those of us who question their wisdom appeasers? Tsk...Tsk.