Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Authoritarians


In the intro of this book/online PDF Professor Robert Altemeyer talks about why he felt it was important to provide this information to a broad audience for free. As he notes, much of the study on authoritarianism has concentrated on the authoritarian followers, but not too many people have done much to understand what mechanisms make the authoritarian leaders tick.

The book will be published on the web in 8 sections consisting of an intro and seven chapters:

Ch. 1. Who Are the Authoritarian Followers?
Ch. 2. The Roots of Authoritarian Aggression, and Authoritarianism Itself
Ch. 3. How Authoritarian Followers Think
Ch. 4. Authoritarian Followers and Religious Fundamentalism
Ch. 5. Authoritarian Leaders
Ch. 6. Authoritarianism and Politics
Ch. 7. What's To Be Done?


The Authoritarian Specter

Excerpt from review of T.A.S.:

The bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City, the emergence of militias and skinheads, the rise of the religious right, the attacks on Planned Parenthood clinics, the backlash against equal rights movements, the increase in poverty...these, according to Bob Altemeyer, are all versions of one story--the authoritarian personality in action. But aren't authoritarians Nazi types, kooks, the Klan? These are just the extreme examples, he argues. The Authoritarian Specter shows that many ordinary people today are psychologically disposed to embrace antidemocratic, fascist policies.

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Starrider said...

I scored a 66 on the RWA test scale. The range was from 20 to 180. My score was low. Apparently I am not an RWA. Shocking!