Thursday, January 18, 2007

Here comes the (Christian) Revolution


Or should we call it a revival... a return to the original mission of the Church as a collection of disciples rather than an arm of the state and empire building enterprise?


Starrider said...

This is an amazing article. My friend DSM frequently tries to comfort me and reassure me that I am not alone in my passion about reforming the Church. He says that there is a rising tide... a revolution, revival or reformation starting to happen. Apparently he is correct. Will you join? Are you a revolutionary? do you understand how radical the ideas of Christ were and still are to the World at large?

Anonymous said...

One The church, organized religion has lost it's track. Many don't comprehend what is written in the Bible.

Two: Because the Church has lost it's track, people began to look else whaere and have migrated to the evanglicial movement.

Three: The evangilicial movement only pretends to be Bible based, in reality it is world based and motivated.

Four: It doesn't matter what we think our condition is, the only opinion that matters is God's. And he has a totally different perspective then men do.

Anonymous said...

This is a good story.

Basically, it is what I have seen and have commented on to you in conversations.
Some of the folks, who are not committed and are unchanged by God's gift, are sitting next to us or behind us in worship.
But, on the flip-side, many of the people who are holy and sanctified, are sitting in different buildings and behind a different church sign.

And to anonymous' point "Four" I would say that it extremely important how we see our condition. If we don't think we are holy, then guess what? We are right. The new testament writers were very adamant that saved folks should be confident of what God did for them. Look at Romans 5:1ff and 8:1ff. These are not unique to Paul. Peter said the same thing. John said it. The Hebrews author said it.
If our attitutde, about our condition, is not important then, why did the Holy Spirit see it as important to admonish His disciples to be confident of the Grace and Power that God displays through us?
It is likely that anonymous' point "Four" is speaking to the individual's view of himself apart from God's grace.
And if this is the meaning, I would agree.
If I look at my self and see the old, dead, carnal man, then I would feel pretty dirty and lost. But, that is not me. I am a holy man (G-Man);), by God's grace and power.
My confidence is in Him, not the carnal fellow that I left in the symbolic grave of baptism.

God bless,