Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Mythical Left Wing Media

The "Left Wing Media" is a mythical construct of propaganda and is actually a profit-generating arm of the right-wing corporate machine.
The consumerism and hedonism you see on T.V. and the in the movies has NOTHING to do with political liberalism. The endless parade of decadence and materialism that flows out of America is a well oiled marketing machine- selling more cars, fast food, soft drinks, fashion items, video games and tabloid sensationalism to consumers by stimulating them with ever-more provocative imagery and false needs.
Big business and corporatism is responsible for the America's image abroad and her spiritual condition- not political liberalism or Democrats. Follow the the math...its really simple.

Song Dedication or as my most excellent mate MWK put it, a "culture- slap" - an upside your head presentation of your own cultural reality.


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