Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Winning Hearts and Minds In Iraq

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This is not how hearts and minds are won. Although this is an isolated incident and not nearly as horrific as the massacre at Haditha- it is nevertheless disgusting and a good indicator of how we are percieved and why we are catching armed resistance. Its has BEEN over. Its time to bring them home.

P.S. I have actually had some people try and defend this incident to me privately. I have one question in response... would Jesus EVER do something like this?.......... Case closed.


PrincessofLife said...

Devestating commentary. This is what happens when people forget their purpose, if they ever truly knew what it was to begin with. Evil is always looking for a proprieter.

Starrider said...
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Starrider said...

This one can't be blamed on the media either. This is military personnel. themselves.

I have seen shows on TV- like Baghdad E.R. where our people are trying to repair the bodies of Iraqi combatants that were injured while fighting, injuring and/or killing our men. This is commendable- despite the fact that none of this carnage was quite necessary in the first place. We do have a lot of fine men over there making sacrifices. Still, this little video provides, as you say, devastating commentary about how murky and overshadowed our directives have become over there.
The battle for the hearts and minds of those we are supposed to be liberating is lost. There are roughly 26.5 million Iraqis in Iraq- minus the nearly 700,000 that have been killed since the invasion began. Out of the 26.5 million it is said that anywhere between 60 and 70 percent do not want us there. Even with this "surge" (surge= an Orwellian manipulation of language) of troops planned we will still only have less than 400,00 troops in country. Do the math. Even with our extreme advantage in kill ratios- the math says we eventually become exhausted in this fight and are overrun in Iraq and possibly in other theaters of conflict. For those who are concerned about security- ask yourselves what happens then...

It is useless to attack men who could not be controlled even if conquered, while failure would leave us in an even worse position...
- About the quote: Thucydides was a Athenian historian, born in the 5th century, BC. Here, he is quoting the Athenian general Nikias on the proposed invasion of Sicily during the Peloponnesian War.

And the folks who want to extend this war call themselves realists... tsk, tsk.

Starrider said...

For those who think this is either funny or just a bit of may think otherwise when this boy grows up and fires an RPG..or else one of his family members does. No-one will laugh- or take it so lightly when he perhaps hijacks an airliner.