Monday, September 03, 2007

Native American / Christian Spiritual Warfare

Linked HERE is a page and program that is running a spiritual warfare boot camp that I am very interested in attending.

The curriculum is as listed below:

An Issue of War-The Nature of Spiritual Dynamics on Earth
Overcoming the Greek Mindset/Greek and Hebrew Biblical Word Search
God’s Order in Our Life-Healing Our Personal Wounds
Spiritual Mapping-God’s Geography
Dominion-Spiritual Implications of Weather/Wind
Water Spirits and the Realm of the Deep
Incarnational Intercession
Kingdom-Bringing Through the Exercise of Righteousness, Justice, Mercy, Prayer and Fasting.
Cherokee History-Woodland Tribal Culture, Tribal Government
Treaties Present and Past
Tribal Casinos-How To Pray Over Tribal Land
Cherokee Prophecies

Needless to say these topics are right in line with some of the experience, knowledge and wisdom that I already have some understanding of. Note that I am not claiming to be anything but exposed to some of these concepts- the dynamics and understanding of the reality that goes with them. These are topics that I have been working towards opening up about every since I began writing about my testimony in the early nineties. This is where I have been subtly coaxing them that know me towards for many moons. These are topics that are ponderous, deep and carry a heavy responsibility and an inherent admonition to caution. Still, I am willing to engage on these things at a certain level with those who have questions or comments. In Indian communities these things are simply not discussed publicly. That is why I inserted the caveat "to a certain level". My willingness to engage on this to ANY degree is dictated by the security of life in Christ as well as the desire to develop right relationship with the right people.

This is a door that I have been reluctant to open for a long time. The time has come.

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