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Quantum Contemplations: Dialog Echoing In Eternity #3- The Root Connection

I have decided to post some of the e-mails from the expansive archives of the ongoing conversation between D.S. Martin and other friends and myself. Here is the next installment of: Quantum Contemplations: The Root Connection

>From: "Scott Starr"
>>Subject: New Review, Connecting The Paradigms
>>Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 18:19:51 -0600

>>Ok, I don't have the focus to write a thesis at the moment but here's
>>something I offer you to think about in the vein of "new topic".
>> I have been carrying this one in the sidepocket of my mind for a good
>>while. First, please forgive me for often referring to my ethnos when I
>>converse with you. All I can say is that it is in the warp and woof of
>>me. To surrender my place of who I am would be a terrifying loss of
>>identity. I think that is what is wrong with most of the world right
>>now.... Correct me if this is not a conservative view... If its not then
>>I really am lost. People don't know who they are and where they came from
>>and just what it is they are suppose to be doing with themselves anymore.
>>They try to get it from tv and other media I suppose. People have lost
>>their context...their identity. The root connection for me is that when I
>>was lost too...I found the answer to who I was, where I came from and what
>>I am suppose to be doing not in a church pew (although that is where it
>>all starts), not in my family home in suburbia...but in my familiy's
>>traditional culture and worldview....the one that stood for thousands of
>>years but has almost been erased from the face of God's earth, and the
>>same one that men Like Newt Gingrich suggest be surrendered and
>>homogenized into pop culture once and for all now. I agree that America
>>must pull together as one nation if we wish to survive, however, this does
>>not mean surrenderring our individuality or diversity completely - but
>>creating a network of diverse, autonomous communities working towards a
>>common goal and common unity. If we remember this concept then we will
>>not always be dividing and sub dividing ourselves into seperated-
>>hyphenated false categories. Then, we can express our diversity and
>>cultural perspective without detracting from the goal of the whole. I
>>will always be a Native- American, A citizen of the United States and a
>>member of the human family and God's Kingdom. Try to take away or harm
>>any of these parts of me and you will have a fight on your hands. I
>>imagine we all feel the same about this from our own perspective if we
>>have in fact devoted any thought to it. Getting in touch with this root
>>connection of who I am was a potent experience with real spiritual
>>occurances and huge realizations and paradigm shifts. All humanity points
>>toward this same set of truths regardless of the distractions and
>>tragedies of the dark side of human nature. I have something relevant to
>>say on my mind that many of my ancestors died trying to say
>> At the moment I am not thinking of theology and metaphysics although I
>>do have a good deal to say about how Jesus reveals himself to my people
>>and the truth Jesus stands for. I am still thinking politics!!!
>> I know, as you do question in my mind about that...that our
>>world is at a huge nexus right now...and in every phase of existence
>>too...especially spiritually. Politics!! Its well known that our
>>nation's democracy was modeled after the Roman senate, Greek thought and
>>also after models of government exhibited by the Iroquois League of
>>Nations and other tribal governments. The model of government exhibited
>>in much of Native America was designed well enough to last eons. It was
>>more streamlined...more decentralized...more conservative...more
>>balanced...more in line with God's Law- Natural Law...better suited to
>>humanity and the family structure as well as the food chain. It was also
>>more like what the founding fathers of the United States had in mind.
>>Forget about the fact that it was a long time ago (not really so long) and
>>dealt with fewer people (although in the tens of millions instead of the
>>hundreds of millions) and a different world stage. I'm just tallking about
>>the flow chart like exquisitely simple design of it. Never mind all that
>>other stuff right now. Think about the formula...the model. Its about
>>individual and community rights and responsibilities.
>> Thomas Paine I believe it was (Common Sense?), kind of touched on
>>where I am going with this on the States' Rights tip. He was also talking
>>about a network of more autonomous communities like I am. Now before you
>>start thinking I'm talking about socialism or liberalism and dismiss it-
>>start thinking about how a system like this would have to be and could be
>>done. I am not such an idealist that I can honestly say that I think my
>>vision OR...the world as it is set up right now is salvagable. I beleive
>>that niether is salvagable without cataclysm to motivate some real
>>paradigm shifts. I also believe we are going to live to see that
>>cataclysm if we are not in fact watching it hatch right now. I am a BIG
>>picture thinker. I am so beyond all this crap we have been bantering
>>about. I am starting to worry less about how much damage Dubya can do
>>(most of his worse gaffes are either failing or are at least exposed) and
>>worry more about what comes about 5 years down the road. We can pull
>>America out of her decaying orbit if more people will get serious and
>>focus. To hell with all this right-left stuff...lets get back to the
>>center...the source. This is what I have been talking about the whole
>>time in a way. Can you see that model in your head? Think about that for
>>a new topic. Our generation's turn to hold the reigns is coming right up.

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