Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dissident Discipleship

I bought "Dissident Discipleship" during my lunch hour today I have already managed to read about 5 chapters. I find this book to support and re-inforce the theme and thesis of another book I just read, "Mere Discipleship: Radical Christianity in a Rebellious World," by Lee C. Camp.
"Mere Discipleship," blew my socks off and has completely shifted my paradigms as well as those whom I have persuaded to also read it. After reading "Mere Discipleship" I felt so empowered and so close to the truth that I had to talk about it and had to seek similar material. "Dissident Discipleship" is very much on the same track as "Mere Discipleship"- they are both published by Brazos Press.
I am looking foreward to further devouring Augsburger's offering..I like what I have seen so far and have much affinity for what he says in the 5th chapter entitled "The Practice of Resolute Non-Violence" and under the sub heading of "Love Not The Domination System". Based on what I have read there alone I can already reccomend this book and offer my opinion that every Christian should read it as well as the other book I have mentioned. I believe that the Church in general is bound for a cultural shift on par with the reformation...these books are part of the vanguard of that revolution.

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