Saturday, October 14, 2006

Robert Fisk, "The Conquest of the Middle East" part 1

Click the arrow to jump to the link. Make sure you watch all four parts. There are five parts if you count the intro.

This is a very interesting take on the situation- very different from what is generally offered in the mainstream media. Commentary and analysis are welcome. Just don't show ignorance by de-generating to name calling and stereotyping.

bonus- copy and paste the hyperlink(this is revolting from any kind of moral viewpoint)- be sure to note the comments-this still doesn't resolve the fact that a Christian should not relish the demise of an enemy who is attempting to surrender - or the use of outlawed incindiary munitions. However, I do apologize for falling for this ruse. War is a very ugly thing:


Duck said...

The rest of the story.

"The problem with evidence is that it doesn't always support your opinion." Stephen Colbert

Starrider said...

Interesting. Thanks H. There's a lesson on manipulation.

As a Christian I still must say that I cannot cheer the destruction of an enemy- especially when they are in surrender mode.

quack! quack!

Starrider said...


what sayeth thee about the larger feature?