Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Multiculturalism By Design- The Lessons of Babel

My great, great grandfather, Redbird Smith, a spiritual leader of the Keetoowah Nighthawk Society (the religious arm of the Cherokee tribe)- over one hundred years ago spoke of a "designed purpose of the Cherokee." He said,
"I have always believed that the Great Creator had a great design for my people, the Cherokees... Our forces have been dissipated by the external forces, perhaps it is has been just a training, but we must now get together as a race and render our contribution to mankind... We are endowed with intelligence, we are industrious, we are loyal and we are spiritual but we are overlooking the particular Cherokee mission on earth for no man nor race is endowed with these qualifications without a designed purpose."

I believe this holds true for ANY people grouping- and I believe it is in keeping with God's Word. I am trying hard in my life to live by it and live up to it.

God made the peoples of the Earth diverse for a reason. We are interdependant on one another. We learn from one another. We all have different contibutions, purposes and perspectives. If you are a student of the Bible- do you remember the story of the tower of Babel? When man became too proud...became too enamored of his own intelligence and skill- forgot God's purposes and thought only of his own...in fact seeking to reach and rival God himself....there God divided man into the different races and language groupings. He set forth a principle there of
diversity an interdependance...of co-operative networks- even if we live inside the same borders. So then- diversity and "multiculturalism" are the design of the Creator...of God. Do we men really own any of this Earth? Do we have control? When we become so prideful and selfish that we cannot bear our neighbors and fellow men unless they think, act and speak just as we do- are we commiting the prideful errors of Babel over again? What will befall us if we continue on that path? Take a look at today's headlines for clues.

I have heard the KKK use this same story about Babel to argue against race mixing.
However, I believe that the concept of race mixing was the very thing that God was up to. He divided us into different aspects of a shared network- if he had not intended us to mix and mingle and ultimately live and work in together he would have separated us completely and permanently- onto different planets perhaps...or in different planes or dimensions. Now why do you suppose he did not do that?

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ValkyrieAngel said...

Nice to see someone else thinking the same thoughts.

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