Thursday, October 12, 2006

Is God Green?

Click HERE for the a presentation from PBS.

"For, "The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it."- 1 Corinthians 10:26

"A new holy war is growing within the conservative evangelical community, with implications for both the global environment and American politics. For years liberal Christians and others have made protection of the environment a moral commitment. Now a number of conservative evangelicals are joining the fight, arguing that man's stewardship of the planet is a biblical imperative and calling for action to stop global warming.
But they are being met head-on by opposition from their traditional evangelical brethren who adamantly support the Bush administration in downplaying the threat of global warming and other environmental perils. The political stakes are high: Three out of every four white evangelical voters chose George W. Bush in 2004. "Is God Green?" explores how a serious split among conservative evangelicals over the environment and global warming could reshape American politics."

The World and the Earth are two different things.

The Earth is of God...the World is of man and is the dominion of the devil. Can you see it?

I personally have been speaking for a good long time about how mankind will not come into spiritual wholeness without understanding his purpose with regards to his intended role in Creation....that he cannot serve effectively without understanding this directive...that the proper understanding on this issue is the greatest witness and recruiting tool as an ambassador of Christ and representative of the Church- His body- that we will ever have. Even men that cannot initially understand the Word can understand Natural Law- harmony, balance and glory as revealed in the beauty and complexity of Earth- and if they see Christian people living this example- coming into the fullness of God's purpose and spirit- THEN they will be more apt to convert- to become Christian and THEN be saved....this is a piece of the puzzle we can not do without and still be credible and effective in the mission to seek and save the lost. The Church is not presently credible to much of the world because of this rift and the other schisms that follow as a result. I can point to my native American ancestry and the holocaust that occurred as a prime example of that principle at work. However...the winds of change are starting to blow.

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