Sunday, December 17, 2006

An Atheist Bullies the Faithful

Oxford University biologist Richard Dawkins reveals his fundamentalist approach to atheisim in his new documentary, The Root of All Evil.



maxx8it said...

i think i sent you a link about this guy. he is a trip. his logic is demanding. i read a bunch of his stuff myself.....but in the end i find him lacking as his denial of God seemed to contradict itself with his scientific explanations. very thought provoking dude though..... he took on the preacher from colorado that recently was caught up in the scandal regarding his use of drugs and visitation of a male prostitute .... he made him look pretty crazy .... can't find the link

Starrider said...

I saw that one. It was a confrontation with Ted Haggard. He managed to make Haggard look as mad as a hatter. Boy is this dangerous territory....I don't wanna aleinate anyoneby saying this , but perhaps doing that to Haggard was not such a stretch. Ted seemed to be holding his own and then he just lost it. I am no atheist, but Dawkins came out looking much more rational on that confrontation. By all accounts though, dawkins goes on to become very strident himself and ends up being the same kind of fundamentalist he is going after. The review linked here is at a place where many share the view of Dawkins, that religious folks are irrational...and even a lot of those people agree that Dawkins was out of line in other confrontations with the faithful.