Saturday, December 16, 2006

Wise Words From The Pope

This was a great speech:


"The community of nations must set ethical limits to what can be done to protect their citizens from terrorism and work to halt the growing threat of a new nuclear arms race, Pope Benedict XVI said in his message for World Peace Day 2007."


Two days ago I heard a right wing radio personality absolutely lambasting the Pope and wondering out loud when the Pope became a "radical-left-wing- extremist- liberal" -a characterization based upon the above statement which is percieved (probably rightly so) as an affront to the Bush administration's legitimization of torture and "Dark Side" politics.

So...when do you suppose that refusing to employ evil to prosecute the "war on terror" became an extreme position? Using terror to fight terror is an absurd paradox and...shall we say "ineffective" strategy.

Also how does this notion of labeling the Pope's thoughts as ridiculous and extreme square with the New Testament teachings of Jesus as in Matthew chapter 5 and the sermon on the mount?

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