Saturday, December 02, 2006

Michael Ware- Real Journalist and Hero

Michael Ware is one of the journalists that I absolutely respect the most. He can often be seen giving very insightful and realistic commentary from Iraq on CNN. This article is over a year old.

Time magazine correspondent Michael Ware, who wrote this week's cover story on Iraq, sees the situation much differently. I spoke to him on Wednesday from Baghdad. "It would be dishonest and disingenuous to put a positive spin on Iraq," he says. "People have to queue for three hours just to fill their gas tanks. They only have a few hours of electricity a day. They're too scared to send their children to the schools that have been painted by American troops because they're afraid they'll be killed. The successes are swamped by the gruesome reality of life in Iraq."

"I want those who say we aren't reporting the good news to come and live one day in Iraq as an Iraqi and I challenge them to repeat those opinions," he continues. "It's easy to opine from an ivory tower when you're safe at home. It's much harder to do so when you're on the ground." He says that, if anything, much of the coverage doesn't accurately reflect the harsh realities that take place every day. "The loss of American lives becomes a one paragraph brief in the world section," says Ware. "It takes carnage of cataclysmic proportions to break into the news cycle. We've become immune or numbed to the body count. We have come to accept the horror from Iraq as normal. Our measures of success have been deeply skewed by the reality of the situation."

Excellent collection of Ware's commentary clips (see if you can find a place where he has been off the mark with his commentary or predictions:

Ware's bio:

Todays headlines from the civil war in Iraq:

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"The Most Dominant Feeling (in Iraq) Is Fear"

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