Sunday, December 03, 2006

El Salvador-Style 'Death Squads' to be Deployed by US Against Iraq Militants?

Photos of deathsquad victims- 1980 El Salvador


So, is this whats going on????

Is this surge of violence in Iraq the doing of U.S. spooks and puppeteers!?

It sounds plausible. There are surely enough of the old guard neocons from the Reagan days kicking around in the presiding administration to warrant a the question as serious and legitimate consideration. The fact that blokes running around in Iraqi police gear killing lends further creedence. I don't have enough info to make a judgement on this...but my gut says that there is something to it that has the ring of truth.

If this were true- would the Father, Son and Holy Ghost approve?

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Starrider said...

Is this why Al Sadr has been allowed to remain in business?