Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Are you created…, yet?

Creation of DS Martin
The Merton quotes are poignant and I believe that there is deep truth in them. These are similar to CS Lewis’ “Great Divorce” where the people are hurt by walking on the grass of heaven. The blades were like daggers to the feet of those souls from Earth.
It was only when the men and women were willing to give up there mortal lives from Earth, that they became substantial enough to not be injured by the grass of heaven.

I also strive to maintain “myself” as I want to be known to the world. I know my “self” is flawed, but still, the shell protects my heart from the pain that Love must carry.

When were you created? Well, consider this possibility; you have not yet become. God has not yet made you. God’s plan is beyond us and our understanding. His Holy power exceeds our understanding.
He can take a handful of dirt & water and produce a world of life and love.
He can take a dead deity and crush sin, death, satan, and pain for all eternity.
God has not created (past tense) me yet.

He is still touching my hand and filling me with His Holy power, otherwise I would have melted away a long time ago.

God bless,

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S. Starr said...

I am not sure how to answer this. At this time what comes to mind is this:

I have been born and am not yet fulfilled. I have not yet become what it is that I wish to become or what I believe God would like me to become... which is as I understand it... only myself... matured, fulfilled and in right relationship with all things.