Saturday, August 25, 2007

When Religion Becomes Evil: Five Warning Signs- Charles Kimball

Last night I bought four new books. God help me I am an addict. I will soon write more about my love affair with books. One of the books I purchased last night was:

When Religion Becomes Evil: Five Warning Signs- Charles Kimball

Skimming through this book I found it to be very much in line with my own basic thoughts on the subject. Ironically when I got home I discovered DSM's new post here that is also very much in keeping with this topic. Neither he nor I believe that these kinds of synchronicities are entirely random. They are part of a spiritual dialog that is at times guided by the unction of the Holy Spirit it would seem.

Anyhow, the book is definately thought provoking and does indeed tap into a much wider and I dare say, mainstream body of thought on these matters. Current events and trends all point back to this topic on a daily basis.

In the book Kimball lists five warning signs of corruption in religion:

1. Absolute truth claims
2. Blind obedience
3. Establishing the "ideal" time
4. The end justifies any means
5. Declaring holy war

I will offer more thought on this as I read more. The basic thesis does indeed appear to be on the money. Check it out... think about it.

Yesterday another most excellent friend challenged me to predict the next name we would see being batted around as the mortal enemy of mankind. He pointed out that Communist and Terrorist had been used. I reminded him not to forget the term Liberal.

I have been thinking on this dynamic question every since. Based on the trends I see- the backlash against religious intolerance, fundamentalism and a brand of "conservatism" that is not so conservative after all... right now I am leaning towards something like "religio-political fascists" or some permutation thereof. We shall see...

I have pondered also the idea that whomever coins the term for this next great enemy of man and freedom will become at the least an Icon and perhaps a very rich person to boot. I am not motivated by either of those ideas...but the question is extrememly intriguing and has inspired me to don my "geopolitical, geotheological thinking cap".

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S. Starr said...

Perhaps other names for this enemy could be;

arch corporatists
religio- capitalists
resource pirates
enviro- spoilers
neo- liberal obstructionists
neo- liberal appeasers
... I could go on...

Unfortunately, it would seem that much of the rest of the world has simply settled on "Americans".

Shall we "Americans" simply continue to ignore and marginalize these trends- or shall we find ways to remedy the situation without sacrificing too much?