Monday, August 20, 2007

Hello World!

Contemplative Snowman (Temporal Man)

This is my initial post to this forum and I will very briefly explain what I have understood my function to be in this venue.

But first, I should say thank you to my best friend from way back.

I am humbled by the offer to contribute here.

Thank you Scott for entrusting me with the care of; what is, or has become your "baby", and therein lies a part my purpose here.

I am to help maintain focus on the One who is our reason for being.

It becomes difficult to remain objective about bringing glory to Christ, when one is serving his passion for life.

I have recently found my life passions exercised from me by the Father.

Therefore, I am facing my pride and loss here with Scott and hopefully I will be able to help Scott with his goal to shine for the Master.

I don't want to go over the top, but the addictive nature of pride pushes humans, carnal spirits or "Ghosts in the Machine", to serve self, even while we serve the Creator.

That's okay, insofar as we never attempt to step down from the cross, which we are told to bear daily.

When servants of the Master become servants of the carnal self, thankfully our Lord has made provisions for us to be painfully humbled.

Scott has seen fit to humble himself before God and man. He has done this by the simple act of opening his blog to my spirit and words, which BTW is imbued with the Divine in an indwelling of Christ's and the Father's Holy Spirit.

If you want to know who I am you may look at my profile, but you would probably do better by asking Scott. He knows me best and he won't pull punches, as you can clearly read in his past posts.

I prefer the compliments of a true friend's criticism, to the flatulent accolades of dishonest salesman.

I too will introduce you to Scott, as I write about our (i.e. mutual disciples of the Christ) purpose and our goal.

He has sought to remove his personal mirror from the profile, and I respect his need to do this, yet, I know him and you should know him too, through a close friend's eyes.

God bless,



S. Starr said...

Well, I reckon I need to comment here. I have asked my friend to participate in this journal, diary, effort at street preaching, primal scream or self indulgent attempt at my own brand of infotainment.. whatever it really is- which I believe is yet to be determined. I have many excellent friends. I have always been lucky in that regard. I am not entirely sure why that is. My freinds and I generally all have a few things in common. Off of the top of my head I would list them as:

*heartfelt sincerity about being people who stand for what is right

* liberation from conventional wisdom about the world we live in

*willingness to engage with life at a certain level of inquisitiveness

* adventurousness

* at least a modicum of spiritual insight or at least willingness to ponder lifes deeper questions and meanings

*great taste in music

*somewhat gregarious in conversation

*respect for basic human dignity

*respect for nature and its balance, bounty and beauty

*a certain level of angst about the metaphysics of modern existence

*literacy in one form or another


*the desire to live a relevant life

*the desire to be enlightened inasmuch as any of us understands what that means

I know those qualifications cast a fairly wide net... and it is true my friends are somewhat diverse and all of us have gone through various stages on all or some of these qualifications. My friend David does stand apart in one category. He and I are engaged in a spiritual dialog that has now spanned decades. The fact that we grew up in the same church together accounts for some of that. However, I have other friends with the same background but David still stands apart in a spiritual sense.

To be sure our lives have run on different courses. His life has been in many ways better behaved and smoother than mine. Still, we have always had a connection at the spiritual level that is extremely rare.

It is because of this spiritual connection that I have invited him to participate here with full priveleges. He keeps my honest. he keeps me focused on things that are either spiritual and eternal or that I can at least make some kind of case for having spiritual implications. If this were not the case much of what you would find here would be a veritable blast furnace of rage and dissillusionment with the world as I have found it. David helps me find ways to express my self in more Godly and spiritual ways by his mere presence and influence.
He is talented as a thinker and writer. He has learned some pretty cool tricks with graphics too.

I love me some Dave.

Hmmm, that came out pretty smoothly in one stream of consciousness.

I'll post it just like it is without edit.


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks and you know that "convention carries no inherent value".
I am challenged by the command that Scott has issued to challenge carnal wisdom.
I now say that if it's common sense, then it's carnal sense and it is potentially subversive to the purpose of the Creator.
There is no need to spend futile hours challenging the world's biases, be truly productive and challenge your own.
God bless,

S. Starr said...

Like I said, although I commited a small typo in the statement above ...
he keeps ME honest.