Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Spiritual War Against the Native People Of "America"- Is True Reconciliation Possible?

by Phil Duran
Duran's BIO:

As background, I will begin by saying that in 1998 I moved to South Dakota with my wife to become the director of First Nations Institute, a post-secondary school for Native Christian believers, and I was there only 18 months because of the decision to close campus operations. I am a scientist and educator, not a missionary or a “minister” in the normal sense of that word. However, I am self-trained in Bible knowledge, having extensively studied systematic theology, eventually reviewing article manuscripts, served as part-time pastor and denominational representative, and for more than three decades served as deacon in two churches. I am very familiar with life in Indian country and the pressing issues that the tribes have been dealing with for hundreds of years. I do not depend on church funds or church approval for the full-time work that I do with the tribal communities, because I am paid by a Tribal college where I directed a program in environmental studies. My specific area is theoretical physics.

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