Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Do you like the revisions?

Contemplative Humans (Temporal Mankind)
Scott has asked me to make some revisions to the look of Geotheology.
I value the Greek's contributions to thought and reason, so I thought this look might apply to our "Geo" aims here in Geotheology.

Also, I have reduced the number of posts on the main page. It should load into your PC or Mac browser much more quickly. Also, because it will not consume your computer's memory so voraciously, the computer should be more stable while viewing the main page.

I am not set on any changes. The changes reflect my desires and preferences, which are not what Geotheology viewers may be expecting, so let me know if you would like to go back, and I can reverse the changes. However, the ultimate vote will be Scott, who has given this forum it's life.

What do you think?

God bless,


Andrew Kenny said...

I like the websites new look.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andrew.
Scott has shared some of your discourse with him.
There appears to be great unity in Christ, especially when brothers focus on our Lord and His mission.

Scott, gave me a thumbs up also & asked for the new Old English script for the header. There are some other things that he asked me to implement also, so it is not a done deal yet.
God bless,