Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Mission Among The Peoples of The First Nations Of The "Americas"

One of my original mission statements when I started this blog was to give expression to Native American theology and philosophy an demonstrate how it can be reconciled with teachings from the Bible. I haven't really lived up to that much. I have been working through some theological issues and a deep disillusioment with the political climate and the wars at hand. I must now lay those things aside inasmuch as I am able and is reasonable. I have said plenty with regards to both theology and politics right here in this blog. I have made my case.
Now its time to actually do what I originally set out to do. The original name of this blog was Native American/Christian Theology. Its time to get back on the trail of spirit that I have deterred myself from.

My thesis, which goes beyond books and movies and conjecture, has been and still is that Native American people have a voice and a place in God's Kingdom- that is Jehovah, the God of the Bible's Kingdom. Indians do not have to stop being Indians to know Christ. Trying to bring the knowledge of Christ and proper relationship with him to the American Indian is as yet a monumental task. Mainstream Christians have never understood the Indian's world view at all...let alone how it can actually fit with the way of Christ. Indians have had such a negative experience in the industrial world and society that they do not see how this idea could work either. At this point in history the differences seem near totally irreconcilable. There is such bitterness and hurt among Native Americans... and indigenous people the world over. The modern world has meant very bad things to their culture and and their physical and spiritual well being. Not only is history and human nature against the kind of understanding I wish to express... but then there are also the unseen spiritual forces that are set against the mission. Do not think for a moment that I do not realize that I stand against history, culture, human nature,economics, psychology, religious differences, two seemingly incompatible worldviews, my family, my friends, the powers of darkness and my own fear. I fully realize these things. And yet... I know that I can succeed because I have God and his ultimate truth on my side. My confidence may seem irrational, politically incorrect, heretical, sacreligious, misguided and or poorly reasoned. Still, I know, not believe but know, that I speak the truth. I cannot hold it in any longer. God and my own conscience will wait no longer.

So, now I must say something to all them that know me. I want to make it plain that
although my freinds and family may not understand that which I speak of- none of them have ever really discouraged me from what I have told them about my calling. Still, I must say this.... to steal a line from a movie my good friend DSM has just turned me on to... "From this moment foreward, I don't want to hear another word out of anyone's mouth unless its helping me out or taking their leave of me."

Its late... I have much more to say on this, but its time to sleep and dream.


Andrew Kenny said...
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Andrew Kenny said...

Well spoken Scott.
From one of my aticles 'Authentic Mission will be Incarnational' I quote from the Christian writer John Stott.
He states:'The Son of God did not stay in the safe immunity of his heaven, remote from human sin and tragedy. He actually entered our world. He emptied himself of his glory and humbled himself to serve. He took our nature, lived our life, endured our temptations, experienced our sorrows, felt our hurts, bore our sins and died our death. He penetrated deeply into our humanness. He never stayed aloof from the people he might have been expected to avoid. He made friends with the dropouts of society. He even touched untouchables. He could not have become more one with us than he did. It was the total identification of love'.

The Christian Church has often been imperalistic to those they have sought to reach. Thankfully through reflective study on theology and missions missionaries nowadays appreciate the great mistakes they have made in the past(too late for some who suffered)

As my own blog hopes to encourage: mission must be biblical and contextual.Christ the Son of God became man to show us the way to do it. THe great apostle Paul became 'all things to all men that he might win some.' We should imitate him as he imitated Christ.

One of the comments on this article stated:'Incarnational mission is a much better way to do evangelism than the imperialistic,colonialist way. It is sad that the Church has shown the world many examples of how not to do mission-the Spanish Inquisition and Crusades to name but a few.A bad reflection on Christ - may he save us from doing the same.'

Of course what was stated in the comment above was only the tip of the ice-berg. Even now in Iraq the army are going in with gospel literature. It is not the best way to do evangelism if you don't believe that America is God's chosen instrument to discipline the world.

And if it is:Woe betide them if one considers that the Israel of the Old Testament was the chosen instrument: God whipped them within an inch of their life for their sins. He will do the same again!

THe way to bring the gospel to Iraq is to go in as servants , to feel their pain and anquish , to become 'an Iraqy to the Iraqys'no try and make them white, middle- class, republican,materialistic Americans.Same goes for the British there!

You are an amazing blogger my good Christian, and Cherokee brother.
God bless you.

Your Celtic brother

Andrew Kenny said...

THe Son of God said
'As the Father sent me so I send out'

S. Starr said...

Thank you Andrew. I have been away for the last few days. Oddly enough I was installing audio speakers on a gunnery range on a U.S. Army military base. I am quite sunburned. I agree with what you say regarding imperialism. This is pretty evident in my other writings. I would rather not have recieved this particular assigmment. I did however find ways to glorify the Lord in doinfg my job.
I suppose thats all we can do. Every time we buy or sell and pay taxes we enrich worldly powers. The trick is to find ways to glorify while this is going on. Its not always easy.

Andrew Kenny said...

In Tozer's 'Pursuit of God' the last last chapter is called : 'The sacrament of Living' and in it he does an exposition on the verse: Whether you eat or drink, do all to the glory of God.' In essence, this concurs with what you just said,and I'll say 'Amen' to that.